Ignore file or directory in a GitHub repo

To ignore a file in git:
git update-index –assume-unchanged <file>

To ignore a folder, all you have to do is go to directory and apply this command
git ls-files | tr ‘\n’ ‘ ‘ | xargs git update-index –assume-unchanged


Time wasting on Social medias

How to save your time and make it valuable

Here I have to provide you some guidelines how you can save your time and to be more productive in you work domain.

I have found that when a person get involved in many social medias such as Facebook, Twitter, Line, LinkedIn, Whatsapp and many more. Then they find it very difficult to be updated on each one of them. Because, you may have your emails account as well such as gmail, hotmail, yahoo, your company email address etc. so you have to look on them everyday. You may have other accounts such as Stack Overflow, WordPress, Git, etc.

In addition, you surely have a family which needs you, so you must have time for them too. And the big issue with a Designer or Developer or any other trade is that they must update themselves to the latest technologies by reading books, tutorials, videos, and practice themselves.

So, how you can be updated and save your more time more efficiently.

Follow the following guidelines to have a happy life 🙂

  • The first and fore most important priority is to have most of the time for your family to talk to them, to chit chat, etc. etc.
  • The second important priority is to have a check on your company email and one of personal email you use.
  • After that you should have a look on your social media accounts after each other day. But what I prefer to have less and more information on my social media, I like those pages which gives me advantage and provide me guidelines for my daily routines. For example: If You have liked many pages on Facebook, so you surely will have many feeds and many time wasting materials. as well.
  • On weekend, you must have a look on your other accounts such as Stack Overflow, WordPress and so on.
Time wasting on Social medias
Time wasting on Social medias


These are my guidelines and my ideas to effectively have more time, I hope you many have other useful guidelines. I would be happy if you can provide more valuable guidelines in comments below.

Have a nice weekend 🙂